eat: kerb market

It’s a great day when the sun is shining in London. It’s also even rarer for both of us to be working from home on the same day. Today we decided to head out to lunch together at the Kerb market because we never had the chance to go to Kings Cross for lunch before.


Kerb is an area in Kings Cross where there are food vendors serving great street food for the lunch time crowd from Tuesday to Friday between noon and 2pm. It is located in the newly renovated area of Granary Square behind King’s Cross. Get out of King’s Cross station towards the Regent Canal and follow the many signs that point you to the food!

IMG-20140423-WA0006Today the vendors available were Spit & Roast, Motoyogo, Mother Flipper, Crabbieshack and Miss P’s Barbeque. We decided to go to Mother Flipper and Crabbieshack.


She says: With the sun out it reminded me of being back home in Australia so my choice was to go for the seafood option. The crab burger sounded pretty good and looked good when I got it. Unfortunately the delicate taste of the crab seemed to get lost in the batter and bun. I think crab burgers are a great concept and I think some fine tuning of this burger will make it a star.


He says: A sunny day like today is a perfect day for a burger. The burger was cooked medium. The bun had a lovely shape when it was ready for pickup and held together pretty well while I was devouring it. The maple flavour of the bacon was missing but had a good smokey flavour to it. At 7 quid for this burger it is a bit pricey for street food but it is in the same price range as other burgers from Byron’s or Five Guys.


Address: Granary Square, King’s Cross, London
Twitter: @kerb_


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