drink: shoreditch grind

He says: It was a Sunday grey afternoon in London (what’s new, eh?). We were walking towards Old Street as it started to bucket down with rain. Pelting rain plus the shivery cold weather dampened the spirits. That’s when we saw a little flicker of hope… the brightly lit sign, “Coffee for the cold, Cocktails for the soul”. We stepped in and felt a warmth in the air.

IMG_5719The interior was furnished with wooden tables and chairs. The vibe was vibrant with people chatting, keyboards from the laptops and cool music filling the air. We queued up for a coffee and luckily for her they had soy milk.


She says: I love independent coffee shops, the idea of unadulterated coffee made by a real barista is a comforting thought. Shoreditch Grind has their own authentic house blend, roasted daily and exclusively for their consumption only so that their beans taste fresh.  By day you’ll see coffee being brewed, by night cocktail concoctions being mixed – with even a range of coffee inspired cocktails on offer to the discerning coffeeholics out there.  There’s also a range of baked goods available for breakfast and lunch should you feel peckish. As for me, on the few occasions that I’ve consumed my cup of caffeine goodness, I love to perch myself on a bar stool and do a little people watching through the window that looks onto the Old Street roundabout.


The verdict: Conveniently located near the Old St tube, Shoreditch Grind is a decent hangout spot (particularly for spotting hipsters or tech heads) and perfect for a morning or afternoon caffeine fix with friends. We popped by after a lazy afternoon Vietnamese lunch at Cây Tre up the road. Be prepared to pay the price for good coffee here… but you definitely won’t regret that you didn’t pop into Starbucks next door!

Address: 213 Old St, The City, London EC1V 9NR
Phone: 020 7490 7490
Website: http://www.shoreditchgrind.com/
Twitter: @Shoreditchgrind

Shoreditch Grind on Urbanspoon


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