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He says: On an amazing Monday night in June we were invited up to the top floor of Smiths of Smithfields (SoS) in Farringdon for a exhibition of what they do best.  What a lovely view it was, not only talking about the beef carcass glistening in all it’s glory, but the spacious and airy room itself. The top floor boasts a naturally lit dining area, along with a balcony area along the side. This was a great place to mingle and start the balmy summery evening, with canapes and appetizers doing the rounds including these juicy oysters below.


The main show of the night was the meat carving. This was done by the executive chef, Tony Moyse. He explained that they source their meat directly from Smithfields market across the street and butcher everything up in-house. It was really nice to see this live demonstration, we usually take for granted what  ends up being served on a plate!


He really broke down the carcass like a boss! It was nice to see where on the cow the meat comes from and how much work it takes to carve the meat into edible sized portions – from a sirloin, to rump and ribs! This appreciation of where the cow came from and the passion to get the most out of your meat made this a worthwhile learning experience… I’m almost tempted to sign myself up to one of those Ginger Pig butchery classes to get some hands-on experience.

If you can’t get enough of the butchery or want to see it in action, we created a Vine video while we were there.

Meat, meat and more meat.

The food: Watching all of that beef get prepared and chopped up got us hungry. But what good is raw beef? In fact the first dish of the night was a beef carpaccio and beef tartare. The meat was served with gherkins, capers, slow cooked egg yolks and a ponzu dressing. It added a nice, tangy flavour to the freshness of the beef.


The main course of the night was a trio of steaks. The rump came from South Devon, the sirloin from Aberdeen and the fillet from Simmental. These meats were really good. Between the two of us, we were thinking that the fillet would give Hawksmoor a run for their money when it comes to steak.


We were quite full at the point where desserts came out as the meat was accompanied by a generous serving of sides including chips and green salad. We missed the description of the dessert and just dove right into it. Strawberries, cream and meringue, it was delicious and reminded us of the classic English pudding known as the Eton mess, but more refined in presentation. We chuckled to ourselves and thought it was quite funny when we found out the dish was actually called an Eton Tidy!


The verdict: Overall it was a fun night and interactive experience with plenty of wine to be had as there was a wine pairing to accompany each of the courses! Good food of epic proportions and and nice company to enjoy the food in. We met quite a few other bloggers and foodie entepreneurs on the night including Samphire & Salsify, Wilkes888, SaysItStraight, EveryMealMatters, Mulia and NickThat. On a personal note, it was nice to revisit the place where we first bonded over our interest for food in the early dating days with brunch at SoS and now we are still together and blogging together as a couple/team about SoS. We would definitely come back to Smith of Smithfields for more meat goodness and a rather ‘tidy mess’!

Disclaimer: love2feed were invited to eat as guests of Smith of Smithfields and Kitch Media

Address: 67-77 Charterhouse St
London, UK EC1M 6HJ
Phone: +44 20 7251 7950

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