eat: feasting on miss manchu

He says: In a world filled with fried chicken and mini burgers, can street food be healthy AND tasty too? We were about to find out the answer to this question from a newcomer to the London street food scene, Miss Manchu at  the WEFEAST food festival back in early March at Tobacco Docks in Wapping.


Combining what the Internet loves: Cats and food

What did they feature on their menu for the weekend? Pan-asian inspired salads. The salad was a type of Asian coleslaw composed of shredded purple cabbage, cucumber, pickled carrot & daikon, spring onions along with some coriander, garlic, prawn crackers and roasted nuts to round it all off.

As a topping you had the choice of the following meats…

  • Five spiced slow cooked pulled pork belly
  • Seared lemongrass beef
  • Hainanese ginger chicken

This was all specatularly tossed together with a fish sauce based dressing.


She says: I do love street food, but not the after effects on my waistline! While the taste of a greasy meat filled slider is always satisfying, the inner ‘health conscious’ voice in me always gravitates towards asian food. Thankfully at FEAST, Miss Manchu came to my rescue! Packed with bold and fresh flavours, the pulled pork salad was a great start to our eating escapades for the day. I happily dug into the generous serving, savouring each bite! The chilli infused in the dressing added a spicy kick to the salad. I would happily eat this again at lunchtime at work if this existed – the salad was leaps and bounds ahead of the typical ones you come across at Crussh, Pret, Wasabi or Itsu. We find out that the Miss Manchu girls will soon be opening a street truck soon, so there will be some lucky folks out there that can access tasty new food options every day!


He says: As a Vietnamese person, these types of Asian salads (in Vietnamese called “gỏi”) were a common part of our meals at home. It was nice to see it being the main dish at street food stand. I appreciated the surprise heat that the chillies gave. However I felt that the fish sauce dressing was a bit too salty for me. I tried and enjoyed the pulled pork but next time around I will be looking for the beef because that seemed pretty tasty (food envy!).

So was it healthy? With loads of vegetables and meat if you are a health conscious eater this really checked most of the boxes. With no carbs diet being the craze this could really hit it big competing against the current salad bars already in London.

Miss Manchu is not one person but rather a two person team of Sharon and Eliza. Their warm smiles and friendly personalities really made it welcoming to come to their stall. We look forward to see what delicious Pan Asian inspired dishes they bring out next to the London street food scene.


She says: We’ll be keeping an eye on Miss Manchu’s food adventures and you can too – follow them @missmanchu and send them some #missmanchulove. If you missed out on FEAST, you can join in on a special spring supperclub series from 24th April at The Shop NW10 where miss manchu presents ‘yum cha’. Secure your seat here for a six course tastebud tour of Asia.


Disclaimer: love2feed were invited to eat as guest of Miss Manchu


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