eat: the longroom


She says: The Longroom is a newish pub centrally located in Farringdon, right near St John’s and up the road from Smithfield marketWe first came to The Longroom on a Sunday in early February after a painstakingly long three hour wait to visit the Rain Room at the nearby Barbican Centre. On this particular occasion, we were all hyped to try their brunch menu which includes the ‘Salt Beef Benedict’. To our disappointment, the brunch menu was not being served so Dione (@flavrbomb) and I decided to tweet to the folks @TheLongroomPub. They tweeted back quickly expressing their apologies and invited us to come back another weekend to try the brunch menu – on the house. This was a great example of how a brand can use social media to turn around a customer experience! We definitely weren’t expecting such a warm and proactive response, so decided to come back here on a double date with our other halves, Mike & Larry, two weeks later.


The food: The Longroom prides itself on serving a fairly extensive selection of craft beer and a small brunch menu focused on everything ‘salt beef’. We ordered the Salt Beef Benedict and the Longroom Brunch to share.


Longroom Brunch – £7.50


Salt Beef Benedict – £7.50

He says: I find the Longroom a great venue, but on a Sunday unusually quiet. Come here if you’re a beer connoisseur and grab some salt beef as a snack. The Salt Beef Benedict was the winner for me, with chunks of gherkin pieces inside the tangy hollandaise providing an interesting twist on the usual whole side serving. The salt beef was stringy and sliced thickly. It tasted good – not as epic as New York style but a nice find in London. Having lived in New York for over a year where smoked meat is a staple that can be found at every deli corner, I really enjoy a good salt beef sandwich. Funnily enough, the topic of salt beef reminds me of a pastrami and rye sandwich that made George Constanza flush on a Seinfield episode.

The verdict: Surprisingly, on the two occasions that we’ve visited on the weekend, we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. I had grabbed a takeaway coffee at Smiths of Smithfield which was packed, so perhaps not many people know that the pub serves a reasonably priced feed! Larry mentions that there’s a different vibe on Friday nights when standing room is scarce and the media agency types that work in the neighbourhood kick off for a Friday night drink. With spacious tables and  an ambience conducive to having audible conversation with friends, we would recommend The Longroom for a group hang with the guys (due to the beer!) or a inexpensive double or single date (close to Hatton Garden if you’re searching for some shiny engagement bling and independent coffee joints like Department of Coffee & Social Affairs and Prufrock for an afternoon caffeine and sugar hit). Yep, that’s right guys. You won’t have to burn a hole in your wallet and you get to eat some protein while you’re at it too 🙂

Address: 18 – 20 St John’s Street, Smithfields, London EC1M 4AY
Phone: 0207 336 6099
Twitter: @thelongroompub

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