discover: smiths of smithfield – 1st floor [opening night]



She says: Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Thanks to my friends at NuffnangX I was invited to the opening night launch of the 1st floor lounge & cocktail bar at Smiths of Smithfield. SOS brings back a lot of fond memories for me, He took me here one fine day on our second date for brunch. I recall a rather relaxed laid-back vibe, brimming with a young fashionable crowd in their late twenties to thirties. The same could be said for tonight. As you make your ascent to the first floor, you’ll notice the rustic red corrogated iron wall lined with black chalkboards, heralding quotes such as ‘Too much of anything is bad, too much of good whisky is barely enough‘. Groups of people are casually sprawled around comfortable looking booths and tables. We make a bee-line for the bar stools which have been crafted from old milk tanks, but are in prime position to witness tonight’s cocktail making action led by Tiziano Tasso (pictured above) and his team of vibrant mixologists. Tiziano is renowned on the cocktail scene, winning the 2012 Imbibe Bar Personality of the Year award during his stint at The Ivy.


The food & drink: A range of classic and bespoke cocktails are on the menu at SOS, reasonably priced at £9. Their unique cocktails include the fruity, floral kind and some harder, stronger stuff for all the men out there that don’t mind sipping a cocktail or three. Unfortunately for me, I’ve given up alcohol for Lent so stick to the the two £5 non alcoholic drinks. They still show these mocktails the same kind of love as the alcoholic kind! I take a fancy to the Lady Bracknell with it’s zingy combination of pomegranate and elderflower winning me over, I decide to order two of these! My friend Arya orders the Sound of Islay which goes down well, but his second drink the ‘Kalamata’ is a little too lethal for his liking. There’s also a bar menu on offer and we sample a few of the ‘light bites’ which are doing the rounds and waiting to be popped into the mouth. My favourites are the steaming arancini balls filled with meat sauce and mozzarella, the seared scallops wrapped in cured ham and the chicken and peanut cakes that remind me of thai fish cakes. The charsiu pork belly buns aren’t on offer tonight so I’m curious to try them when I return next.

The cocktail menu
Lady Bracknell
Maluku Island

The verdict: The 1st floor lounge & cocktail bar is suitable for grabbing an after work drink with colleagues to drown your work stress sorrows, perfect for a group date with friends or simply lounging around with the ladies on a fun but unpretentious night out. I noticed the area towards the back of the floor, concealed by a wooden separator which would be an intimate space ideal for private functions or birthdays. Service is swift – your cocktails will be made with care and food is designed to be shared. So come here with a friend or loved one and you won’t be disappointed!

FULL DISCLOSURE: love2feed were invited by Smiths of Smithfield to attend the opening launch with complimentary cocktails and canapes served throughout the night.

Address: 67-77A Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6HJ
Phone: 020 7251 7950
Twitter: @SOSRestaurant

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