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She says: Burgers, sliders – big and small, which is the bestest of them all? The topic of ‘best burger’ in London is a rather contentious subject with varying degrees of opinion, but one that I’m happy to debate till the cows come home. Yet another new burger joint Patty & Bun Joe has popped up in my hood and I must say the burgers are indeed delish! Patty & Bun Joe joins a host of recent ‘pop-up turned restaurant’ ventures in London, plonking itself right in the heart of London on James St, nearby to one of my favourite sushi haunts Atari-ya. Taking an intellectual guess, I’m thinking the ‘Joe’ in said establishment’s name is representative of burg-entreneur founder Joe Grossman – the man behind this latest meat sensation. Arriving at about 7.30pm, we wait patiently for about 15 – 20 minutes in the line while the strong waft of burger smell illuminates in the air.

I’m accompanied by fellow food sistas and bloggers in crime, @flavrbomb, @littleswallow, @suethefirst and @kellycheeks9. As a quick aside, it was a really fun night that started off at Foxcroft and Ginger in Soho where we learnt about a fantastic little user friendly mobile app called NuffnangX from resident Nuffnanger Kelly, designed to help keep on top of your favourite blogs from food, to travel and lifestyle. Plus you can see what other people are reading and what’s trending, in addition to being able to comment on your favourite blogs direct from the app. I’m looking forward to getting myself along to a few of the NuffnangX events next year.

The food: Four of us order Patty & Bun Joe’s staple – the infamous ‘Ari Gold Cheeseburger’, while Kelly ventures out and chooses the ‘Jose Jose Chilli Burger’. We can’t resist from a couple of side orders including the trip chips and chicken wings. I’ve decided to continue my latest craze of ‘tweet up’ style comments to describe the experience, 140 characters at a time…


Buzzing and frantic, only 30 covers so get their early or  #goodthingscometothosethatwait


So many burgers to choose from, start with Ari Gold then come back and venture out? #confusionsets


Love the packaging #presentationcounts


Ta da! Toasted brioche bun, pickled onions, smoky mayo and a succulent beef patty #gobblegobblegobble


Burger so tasty it deserves it’s own close up #zoomzoomzoom


Wings devoured quickly, glowing in smoky marinade. Could do with an extra kick – #ilovechilli

The verdict: Back to Joe – he’s so down to earth and exudes a real passion for his burger and clientele, furiously working the floor and taking the time to speak to his guests. This has probably taken it’s toll as he describes the hectiness akin to being ‘raped by a giraffe’. Ha! Joe also mentions a crazy stat – that over 1,000 burgers have been served in opening week.  We all agreed that the Patty & Joe Bun burgers were worth the ‘brrrr it’s cold out here’ wait. Overall a good value meal at 10 pounds each (we had a 20% ‘shake and bake’ discount). Lightly toasted brioche enveloped the Ari Burger’s ingredients nicely and kept the burger juices in tact… I just hate a soggy burger bun! The pickled onions also provided an unexpected tang and the sweet acidity paired with the smoky mayo sauce provided a nice Southwest flavour sensation… I think pickled onions are my new favourite burger condiment! We fed back that the wings would be even better if infused with a touch of heat – more hot spice please! Chips are nothing special, but I’d definitely come back with the other half to try the extensive list of burgers and see what He thinks! Good value meal for singles (quick takeaway after a hard slog at work), couples (cheap date night or refuel after a session at the Selfridges Shoe Gallery around the corner) and groups (random catchups, burger challenges and pre-party lining of stomach!). In the words of Gwen:

What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting
What you waiting for

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Tick-tock, tick-tock
Take a chance you…

Address: 54 James St London W1U 1HE

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