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He says: Goodman City has been open now for about 2 years. Since then other competition has opened, Hawksmoor, JW Steakhouse and even Wolfgang Puck’s own ‘The Cut’ has filled out London’s steakhouse scene. The reason I come back to Goodman City is consistency. I have been there now over 6 times. Each time I would get the porterhouse. One day I will try something else, till then it is the porterhouse. The porterhouse is a cut of steak that has sirloin and fillet. It’s is really my favourite cut because it has those two cuts of meat along with the bone and some nice pieces of fat.

We had the 850g (that’s 29oz for our American friends) USDA porterhouse. This was the first time I shared a porterhouse. When you get a porterhouse to share, they cut it up into nice shareable pieces. The meat was well rested because even served cut there was not a lot of juices on the plate. It was a really good steak to share. The sides were green beans, trying to be healthy and offset our other side, the lobster macaroni and cheese. The lobster macaroni and cheese was rich but tasty. I would love more lobster but that would bring the price up so I’ll be happy with the pieces I got for 8 quid.

She says: He always raves about how good the steak is at Goodman’s, but never takes me! I get the lowdown on the meat magnificence usually after His catchup with the boys, a man date of sorts. When our friend Nat decides to organise a surprise birthday celebration for her other half in the private room of Goodman City, I’m quietly content that I finally get to try the steak here – take me! The staff are welcoming and quickly advise that a group of lads are in our room until 7pm. The boisterous bunch are swiftly kicked out with seconds to spare so we can get in there in time for the big surprise! After the elated birthday boy arrives, we get shown a plate of different steaks we can choose from – from porterhouse to rib eye. I like that they take the time to explain the different cuts of meat for steak amateurs. He being a frequent customer of Goodman’s was almost like the table’s chief steak advisor, providing some wise anecdotes on preparation and consistency of the various steak cuts – grass fed beef is usually fuller flavoured than grain fed beef and that beef well hung, benefits from a deeper, gamier flavour.

I loved the porterhouse that we shared, cut to bite size pieces it was juicy and full of smoky flavours on the outside. The interior glowed with pink, cooked to a perfect medium rare. The generous sides of lobster mac and cheese & green beans complemented the steak nicely – I’m not a huge fan of mac & cheese by itself as I usually get a sickening feeling after consumption, but the sweet juices of the lobster enhanced and broke down the creaminess of the cheesy sauce.  We also watched our friends in envy as they polished off their side of fois gras, a glistening goodness paired with some fig jam. The finale was a traditional berry crumble with ice cream that we shared. The warm acidic notes of the berry, combined with the crunch fo the crumble were nothing wowing, but a comforting way to end the night.

800G PORTERHOUSE (PER 100G  £7.00)




The verdict: At Goodman, you’ll find the staff are knowledgeable and service is friendly – the waitress made some jokes about her group photography skills being astoundingly better than her fellow male waiter who took an initial shot. Make a booking as it’s usually buzzing with people and expect the typical banker crowd during weeknights (closest tube is Bank after all). I enjoyed dining in the enclosed private room – it’s great for groups, we had eight people and you can make as much noise as you like, but word of warning for those a little scared of seeing raw meat as the room looks into the beef hanging room! We paid 55 pounds per person, so not a cheap fare if you’re looking for a bargain. If you are hunting for the best steak in London, give Goodman a whirl and let us know what you think! We think you’ll leave feeling satisfied and come back again for more the next time you’re craving quality steak.

Address: 11 Old Jewry, London EC2R 8DU
Phone: 020 7600 8220
Twitter: @Goodman_london

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