eat: michael nadra primrose hill

Michael Nadra Primrose Hill

She says: I love being a lady of leisure. Or acting like one. It’s a Sunday and I’ve organised a catchup with the ladies in the lovely and leafy neighbourhood of Primrose Hill. After seeing a flurry of tweets from their food menu by @MichaelNadra on Twitter, I decided that a visit to this new eatery was a must! Our stomachs are grumbling extra loudly today though, as breakfast has been skipped and clocks turning back an hour due to the end of daylight saving.  While we are enjoying the lovely stroll from Chalk Farm and fumbling our way to the restaurant after taking a bit of a long route, an extra hours sleep has resulted in eating lunch an hour later than usual!


The food: We commence our luncheon with a little apertif… a refreshing prosecco with fragoli wild strawberry liqueur. Quite a summery start to our wintery day. To continue the extravagance, Minh and I decide on the sauteed fois gras smattered with HP jus and served with grapefruit and fried duck egg. The fois gras was soft and melting on the tongue, buttery and delicate yet not too rich and sickly. The last time I tasted fois this good was pinxtos hopping in San Sebastian! The flavours of malt and tamarind could be tasted in the HP sauce and combined with the creamy duck egg provided a nice balance to offset the fois. The pink grapefruit was an unexpected part of the dish, a glistening red pulp of bittersweet tanginess. This dish in all its simplicity, while only had 4 key ingredients drew on all taste sensations. The other girls ordered the eggs benedict which went down a treat on this Sunday morning! To finish on a sweet note, I ordered the baked figs with yoghurt sorbet. Simplicity at its best! I love figs and the tartness of the yoghurt worked well. I think I am inspired to try to create a variation of this dessert at home!


Prosecco, with fragoli wild strawberry liqueur, £9.50


Sauteed foie gras with pink grapefruit, fried duck egg & HP jus  £12


Eggs benedict with smoked salmon £8.50


Baked figs with yoghurt sorbet

The verdict: This is a perfect brunch spot to come with your girlfriends or with a special someone for a quiet weekender exploration. The restaurant itself is spacious and airy, with a garden terrace and bar area in addition to its plentiful restaurant seating. Surprisingly for a Sunday, it was unusually quiet, but perhaps this is because not many people know about Michael Nadra’s recent restaurant opening. Service was a little slow, although given how new this restaurant is, I am sure that this will be fine tuned over the coming weeks. Approx £30ishpp for brunch. I am really tempted to come back for dinner one day with my other half – @MichaelNadra continues to tempt me with his food porn, one tweet at a time!

Address: 42 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1 8JD
020 3641 1878
Twitter: @MichaelNadra

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