discover: restaurants openings in London

London’s restaurant scene is alive and well. Finding where to go eat in London can be a challenge due to the number of restaurants. Cheese and Biscuits has mapped out some of the restaurants to go to in London via the tube. But what about restaurants that are going to open or ones that just opened? Hot-Dinners is a website that has done a great job of collecting information on new restaurant openings and reviews on those restaurants. We actually used the website to find out when Bone Daddies was opening and managed to score a seat at the soft opening (blog to come soon!).

Our friends at Planbow have created an interactive map based on the data from Hot-Dinners to help explore restaurant openings in London. They call it “Hot4Dinner” as a play on words by the mashup of the data from Hot-Dinners and Foursquare. It displays the mainly text information of Hot-Dinners in a fun map that allows you to explore the recent restaurants.

Go hunt out the next hot restaurant in London!


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