eat: the table


She says: Although having worked in the Southwark area for six months when I first arrived in London, I only managed to squeeze in the occasional morning coffee run at The Table. One recent weekend, we were tossing up between The Table, Elliot’s cafe and Bea’s diner @ Maltby St markets for Saturday brunch. Thanks to fellow foodie Dione, we were swayed by her recommendation to try the food at this cafe! I’ve heard the Table is packed to the brim on weekends and queues here can be quite long and disheartening. We walked briskly and quickened our pace to get there before 11am. Despite being surrounded by a crowd of young urbanites and groups of families – from babies in strollers to grey haired grans, there’s a relaxed ambience in the air. We are greeted with pleasant smiles, then seated on a long wooden bench next to another unassuming couple.


The food:  He’s feeling ravenous and orders The Full Borough Breakfast, while I’m also in a peckish savoury mood and decide on The Table Stack. He found the food very filling, akin to North American portion sizes. The eggs were also fried perfectly with a nice side of streaky bacon. I stole a bite of the sausage, accompanied with the grilled tomato – the acidity made a delicious contrast to the sweetness of the pork. The Table Stack I ordered comprised of a toasted bagel covered in a mountain of baked beans, swimming gloriously in a magnificent pool of smooth and creamy hollandaise. The smoky charriness of the chorizo and mild tang of the hollandaise were a delicious combination. I tried my best but only managed to eat one half of the bagel and passed the rest to Him to finish  – I think that’s one of the best things about having an eating partner, little to no wastage!


The Table Stack: Chorizo and ham hock baked beans on a toasted bagel with two poached eggs and hollandaise – £11.00

The Borough Full English: Two fried eggs, bacon, pork & leek sausage, ham hock baked beans, grilled tomato, Portobello mushroom and sourdough toast – £12.00


The verdict: The Table supports sustainable produce, sourcing from suppliers that echo this philosophy. Being rather family friendly, there’s something to suit everyone on the weekend brunch menu at a reasonable price – pancakes & waffles for sweet tooths and proper cooked breakfast for those requiring a refuel. While the food was satisfying, the coffee is a tad on the watery side and could be better (if compared to Aussie coffee standards!). Would recommend The Table for young couples and families looking for a substantial mid morning or value for money lunchtime feed on a moderate budget. Why not escape here for a weekend brunch, then pop by the Southbank for a chilled afternoon or checkout the latest exhibition at the iconic Tate Modern just footsteps away! Arrive on an empty stomach and you’ll leave feeling warm & content.

Address: 83 Southwark St, Southwark, UK SE1 0HX
0207 401 2760
Twitter: @thetablecafe

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