eat: duck & waffle


He says: Heron Tower has now become the location of some fresh new restaurants in London. Slightly daunting for the acrophobics amongst us, located sky high up on the 40th floor of the tower is Duck and Waffle. Not to be confused with the ‘soul food’ inspired American classic of chicken and waffles – often eaten as part of a Sunday morning meal – with the most famous being Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.

She says:  Interesting fact… for the party goers out there, or those feeling peckish past midnight, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that Duck & Waffle’s opening time is 24 hours, a new alternative to the late night kebab and salt beef bagel shops in the East!


rosemary & garlic bread / 3


yellowfin tuna / watermelon / balsamic / basil / 7


crab on toast / lemon aioli / herb salad / 10

octopus / chorizo / lemon / caper / 11


roast salt beef / poached hen eggs / english mustard / pickles / 11


spicy ox cheek doughnut / apricot jam / 5 each


duck & waffle / crispy leg confit / fried duck egg / mustard maple syrup / 13


eton mess, wild strawberries / 6


roasted sicillian peach melba, caramelised almonds / 6

The menu: 

They say: Our favourite dishes were…

1. The octopus cooked in ‘brick oven’ was tender and flavoursome with a good balance of saltiness and zest. Love chorizo and capers so it was a perfect combination and not too greasy as some other bloggers have experienced.

2. The spicy pork cheeks doughnuts – a unique combination of a few of our favourite things – doughnuts, pork and spice! With one bite of the doughnut ball, it starts off sweet and light as we tear through the exterior coated in sugar and a dollop of the apricot jam! Then once our mouth reaches the spicy pork centre, another unexpected flavour sensation hits your mouth – hot and chilli like. That’s a spicy meatball!

3. The signature dish was the duck and waffle. The duck leg confit was served on top of a thick, generous portion of waffle (typically a breakfast food!). A nice fried egg was placed on top of everything. I am a fan of fried eggs, but I didn’t understand why I would put maple syrup on eggs (even though I am Canadian). The dish was definitely a hearty one and the sweetness of the syrup balanced the richness of the duck meat. Guys will definitely like this dish due to its portion size – we all felt full and bursting at the seams after this plate!

Could be better… The only sour note of the meal was the “peach dessert”. The dish was well presented, but the peach itself was sour and didn’t have that juicy peach flavour that one would expect. The roast salt beef was also a little dry and stringy, our tastebuds would have liked this cooked a little more tender!

The verdict: We took her parents from Australia here – they enjoyed the 360 views of London although her dad was slightly anxious by the journey up and descent down 40 stories (feels a bit like a milder version of those heart pounding giant drop amusement park type rides!). We forked out about £140 in total for food for 4 people (approx £35pp) including a bottle of the cheapest red to share 2010 – the Tilia, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina.  We would recommend this place for small groups (they have nice semi circle booths!), a cosy dinner date (friends have been here to celebrate birthdays with their other halves) and especially if you’re looking for a new place to take people outside of London to – think of it as a scenic eating experience! A lot of these towers that tourists visit, e.g. CN Tower in Canada and Rockafeller Centre in NYC charge between $25 – $35 just to go to the observation deck! The service was friendly and attentive and the open kitchen provides a nice sneak peek at all the culinary action taking place! We will probably come back again soon with friends, once we’ve had a little detox break from all this eating out of late!

Address:  Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
020 3640 7310
Twitter: @DuckAndWaffle

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