make: Deadmau5 chocolate cake


Deadmau5 Chocolate Cake

For a lack of a better name of a recipe we just called it that and we think it would be better than just a random recipe title.

This recipe was our first dish that we made together. I still remember that we learnt a lot that day. We discovered that only one of us could lead at one time otherwise there would be some conflict in the kitchen. However we also realized that when we work together that we compliment each other really well and that amazing things can happen.

We originally made this cake for a birthday last year but in celebration of Deadmau5’s latest release, > album title goes here <, we decided to share it with everyone



This recipe is a cheat because we bought most things premade. This was our first attempt at making a cake in a shape that is not a square or a rectangle so we decided to take the safe approach because we had no idea if this would work or not. Bake the cake recipes according to the package labels but place it in the bowl. Once you baked two bowls then take the cake out and trim it so that it is more of a half sphere. Now take the chocolate icing and use this as a “glue”. Spread some on each of the half sphere and join the half spheres to make a ball. This will be the head. The next part is the tricky bit. Fondant is not easy to work with. It can get sticky so use some flour on the fondant to make it usable. We used the blue sheet to cover the head. The eyes were made by rolling the yellow fondant into a ball and cutting it in half. We joined the eyes to the head by sticking toothpicks into it (sounds painful eh?). The ears was the most difficult part.

20120927-233213.jpgWe tried to use cookies as the ears but they didn’t stay on. They kept on falling off, partly because the cake can’t hold that much weight up at that angle and the cookies were idea big. The ears almost caused a big hole in the cake, FML!!!  We improvised here and just cut out some black paper and stuck it on as the ears. If we were going to do this again we would try to make sugar ears or bake some cake/muffins out for the ears and crave out the ear shape. The ears are misleading they are actually bigger than they appear!

Hope you enjoyed this, kthxbye!


One response to “make: Deadmau5 chocolate cake

  1. Thank you sooo much for posting this!!! I’ve been looking everywhere for how to make one!! It looks amazing! Hope mine turns out that well. 🙂

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