eat: Pitt Cue Co.

Pitt Cue Co.
Coming from Canada and Australia, eating good ribs was something we took for granted before coming to the UK. Many of our friends have frequented Pitt Cue Co. when it was just a wagon on the South Bank of the river Thames, and absolutely raved about it. The wagon is now gone and has transformed into a small corner restaurant in the heart of Soho. And when we say small, we mean very little elbow room! The number of tables can probably be counted on one or two hands, but hey who’s counting?

He says:
Word of warning for those trying to go to this restaurant, be prepared to queue. This place is popular so come early and while you are waiting you can get some drinks at the bar (the wait was 45 minutes when I went, but well worth it!). Once we were seated, I knew that I was going to order the beef ribs (aka Jacob’s Ladder as the locals like to call it). My dinner guests and I shared the pulled pork mash and the chicken wings. The ribs were cooked perfectly, melt in your mouth melt that just fell off the bone which was both smokey and flavourful. This was quality BBQ.

If I am famished around Soho and if this place looks empty, I will be the first one at the door because the food here is just so good. I just wished that they gave me one more rib to truly satisfy that BBQ craving.

P.S. Yay for the Internet for making it easy for both of us to contribute to an article even if we are not in the same place. I went with the lads, she went on a girls night out.

She says: Oh-em-gee. Barbecue passionistas, if you decide to pay a visit to Pitt Cue Co please  try to beat the epic queue (with no reservations and enough seats to fit a small football team, I’d advise to treat yourself to an early mark). No marketing gimmicks or bold self-claims need to be made by this establishment, e.g. that they are the ‘only BBQ worth coming back for‘.

Indeed, what I love about Pitt Cue Co is the quality yet unpretentious ‘We are not trying to be cool’ dining experience, where the meat certainly speaks for itself and everything comes served up in tins & jars – hohoh.. camping expedition meets backyard blitz. Sure, sometime those all-you-can-eat BBQs hit a certain gluttonous spot, particularly when you’re famished or you’ve run out of your protein shakes at home (I can see all the guys nodding in unison as they know what I’m talking about, kinda like PMS or protein ‘must have’ syndrome). But in this instance boys, I am a firm believer that flavour is most definitely KING!

For traditional BBQ lovers, you’ll be a little heartbroken that there’s no triple cooked, double refried chips doused in tomato sauce (ketchup) that accompanies your meat. But for those of us who are a little self conscious (particularly after a lazy London winter), the pickled side salads feel somewhat ‘healthy’ and work a treat! If you’re looking for more carbs, the burnt end mash might be a better option for you, but being so light and fluffy and not overwhelmingly creamy, the calories seem to be doing a samurai ninja style move, hidden from sight! Between three girls, we shared the brisket, a serving of the St Louis Ribs and the pulled pork – each bite being slowly savoured. You MUST must must order the beef brisket! It’s a crowd pleaser – the charcoaled meat is so smokey and heart warming, with an oh-so-heavenly texture! For more hidden calories, try the Snickers Mess.. BOOM! You’ll most likely pack on some pounds and be on a sugar high after (we hobbled out and then randomly went on a shopping spree around Regent St – another tick for this place! it’s a little Brit-texan surprise in a convenient Carnaby St locale).

Good For: Ok while the food may be AWESOME, it’s not the most romantic of settings (hence probably why went to Pitt Cue Co on separate occasions). But who says a little bit of ‘bro-mance’ can’t bloom here? It sure did for him 🙂

Address: 1 Newburgh St  London, Greater London W1F 7RB

Phone: 020 7287 5578

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