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Calling all crustacean lovers! We’ve found the perfect seafood fix brought to you by the owners of Goodman steak restaurants, just a hop, skip and jump away from Green Park tube station – nestled in the heart of Mayfair.  But don’t let the location of this eatery perturb you. While you might feel the posh surrounds slightly pretentious, the food is most certainly not. Rule of thumb however, make sure you get there early as this is another one of those “no reservation restaurants” where even the likes of rock stars most likely have to get in queue – be prepared to wait an hour or two! Luckily for us, our friends strategically put our name down on the waiting list as they arrived early – thank you kind souls!

The menu: Burger & Lobster thrives on a simple ‘rule of three’ menu, proving the old adage that less is sometimes more. While one is not spoilt for choice, it makes life oh-so-much-easier when the menu reads £20 for either:

1. Burger
2. Lobster
3. Lobster roll

The experience: We both opt for the grilled lobster served with a gravy boat of lemon and garlic butter and teamed with sides of double fried chips and garden salad (20 pounds for a burger seems a little on the steep side when compared to neighbouring burger joints such as MEATliquor and Byron). We all nod in agreement as to say “life is now complete!” when the trays of lobster finally arrives, while the waitress flings plastic bibs around our neck to protect our weekend wear from buttery juices squirting about.

We dig into the lightly grilled lobster – it has a distinctive, sweet taste and the meat is succulent and tender. The subtle flavours of the lobster are heightened when dunked into the accompanying garlic butter sauce. We ponder for a while on the origins of these lobsters (surely they couldn’t be British!) and our suspicions are confirmed by our waitress that the lobster is indeed Canadian and a few tonnes are shipped throughout the week and stored live in a tank in the basement of the restaurant (a lobster mosh pit in other words). No wonder He is enjoying this feast, it takes him back to his roots where all-you-can-eat lobster is somewhat of a staple).

The verdict: Definitely not for seafood haters! Casual dining, perhaps an ideal 5th date venue or a weekend escapade with friends (not recommended for first or second date when you’re looking to impress as getting a seat is not guaranteed and you’ll need to get your hands dirty to eat these juicy lobsters hence your date may last for hours and hours in all efforts to be discreet and polite while nibbling away at your lobster claw!). The atmosphere is a little crazy busy and bustling, as masses of diners churn in and out. I found the experience more fun and novel than American diner Big Easy in Chelsea – it’s a bit like an adult play ground when you get your bib on, with a menu that is hard to confuse and cocktails that are certain to please. 

Address: 29 Clarges St, Mayfair London W1J 7EF
0207 409 1699

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