discover: Mushroom Pâté

Pâté is usually made out of meat. In fact it is mixture of mince meat emulsified with fat. I grew up in a Vietnamese household and we normally had pâté with bread for breakfast or as a spread in banh mi. In fine dining scenarios I was presented with foie gras. In all occasions it was delicious, soft texture balanced with the fat, but always made of meat. One day in London, I stumbled upon a stall called, Pâte Moi, at Borough Market here the guys were selling mushroom pâte. Mushroom pâté? I thought it was a joke until I tasted it. It was delicious! Same spreadable texture as normal meat pâté but made from mushrooms.

It is great with bread on it’s own or if you want to be a bit fancy dress it up with some salad cress or micro greens.

Pâté Moi
Jubliee Market in Borough Market
Fri 12am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm


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